Strengthening Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Clinical Trials in East and Sub-Saharan Africa (SERCEA) Project

Shaping the Future of Clinical Research with Integrity and Ethics at its Heart

Welcome to the SERCEA Project, a pioneering initiative aimed at reinforcing ethical considerations and responsible conduct in clinical trials across East and Sub-Saharan Africa. With the rapid expansion of clinical research in the region, our mission is to ensure that these studies are underpinned by robust regulatory frameworks and are carried out with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Project at a Glance


Clinical trials are a cornerstone for the development of new medical interventions. However, with their growth in resource-limited settings, there’s an imperative need for modern regulatory structures and a strong ethical foundation.

What is being done?

From establishing an Open Data Access Platform for Clinical Trials to launching an E-learning platform for Good Research Regulatory Practice, SERCEA strives to enhance the capacity and infrastructure for clinical research in the region.

Our Vision:

To be the leading catalyst for ethical and responsible clinical research in East and Sub-Saharan Africa, fostering a culture where science thrives in harmony with community values and global standards.

Our Legacy:

SERCEA is more than just a project; it’s a movement. A movement aimed at creating a legacy where every clinical trial in East and Sub-Saharan Africa is a beacon of ethical research, offering hope and solutions to communities while respecting their rights and values.

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Testimonials About the Project

"As someone who has participated in a clinical trial, the work SERCEA does brings comfort to individuals like me. Knowing that there's an organization tirelessly advocating for research integrity, transparency, and ethical practices ensures that we, as participants, are treated with respect, dignity, and care."
Prof. Elizabeth Bukusi
Kenya Medical Research Institute
"Being a part of the SERCEA initiative has been a transformative experience. The emphasis on ethical research practices has not only enhanced the credibility of our work but also fostered a deeper trust within the communities we serve. It's a benchmark for how clinical trials should be conducted in resource-limited settings."
Khama Mitta
Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
"The SERCEA Project has been a beacon of hope in the East and Sub-Saharan African region, proving that with the right guidance, training, and emphasis on ethics, we can lead global advancements in clinical research. Their E-learning platform, in particular, has been instrumental in providing much-needed education to budding researchers across the continent."
Dr. Fred Nakwagala
Mulago National Referral Hospital

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