Ms. Irene Semakula Seryazi

Project Administrator

Irene Semakula Seryazi is a seasoned science officer at the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), where she plays a crucial role in the Research Management and Quality Assurance Directorate. With over nine years in this position, she significantly contributes to UNCST’s Accreditation committee, overseeing research ethics committees and Institutional Animal and Care and Use Committees (IACUCs) across Uganda.

Her responsibilities extend to ensuring continuous training in research ethics for all RECs and IACUCs, covering crucial topics like Human Subject Protection, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Good Clinical Practice. Irene is instrumental in organizing the Annual National Research Ethics Conference, a key event uniting research stakeholders to address ethical issues in research.

Irene’s expertise is further demonstrated through her involvement in developing National Guidelines on community engagement in research, the use of animals in research and teaching, and guidelines for research involving human participants. Her project administration skills are evident in her work with various European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) projects under UNCST, including the Consortium for Clinical Research Regulation and Ethics Capacity Development in Uganda (CREDU), Strengthening Community Structures in Clinical Research (SCINE-U), Improving Post-Trial Access in Clinical Trials in Sub-Saharan Africa (AccessAfrica), and the Consortium for Clinical Research Regulation and Ethics Capacity in the Eastern African Region (CCRREEA).

Irene’s academic achievements include post-graduate training in public administration and monitoring and evaluation, alongside professional development in research ethics, intellectual property, and Good Clinical Practice. She is currently advancing her expertise with a Masters in Public Health, reinforcing her commitment to enhancing research ethics and quality in Uganda and beyond.


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